First Multiplier Event in Spain



On 8th October 2015 took place the first ENACT Multiplier Event in Spain under the name “Professional Qualifications in the Energy Sector in Europe: An Opportunity for the Labour Market”. INCOMA and APADGE collaborated in the organisation of such event, which was carried out at the Faculty of Building Engineering of the University of Seville (ETSIE) and counted with the participation of experts and professionals.

Indeed, the event attracted a wide audience that included professionals working in the energy efficiency sector, professors and researchers, students (namely, studying building engineering and building science and technology), institutional actors and other relevant local stakeholders with special interest in the topic.

The purpose of the event was two-fold. On the one hand, it intended to present ENACT and its main outcomes and expected results. On the other hand, it also aimed at discussing the profile of the figures working in the energy sector, as a way to raise awareness and help to bridge the gap between the training offered and the needs of the labour market.

In order to achieve this purpose, Juan Guerrero (INCOMA) presented an overview of the project, its aims and objectives, results achieved so far from O1 and O2, expected outcomes and also an overview of the Spanish national context and gaps detected.

Afterwards, Mr. Javier Guevara, architect and professor at the University of Seville, conducted a session in which he addressed the norms and standards for the energy sector applied in Spain. It was then followed by a roundtable that addressed the profiles and competences of the Energy Manager, which was moderated by José Ortega from APADGE and included the participation of experts and professionals, namely: Mr. José Mª. Calama Rodríguez (Director of ETSIE), Mr. David Marín (President of the Architects' Official Association of Seville), Mr. Roberto Pardal Lebrero (CEO E3 Ingenia, S.L.), Mr. Luis Mª. Sánchez García (CEO Grupo Simec) and also Mr. Javier Guevara (Dep. of Architectural Construction II of ETSIE).                                                                           

After a more formal aspect of the event, participants, experts and organisers had the opportunity to exchange information and experiences during a networking activity that included a light snack.

Assistants showed a high level of interest both for the project and the event, especially considering the relevance of energy efficiency and also due to the fact that it is perceived as an important job market in the current society and will be following the development of ENACT in the following months.