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In Autumn 2015 - First set of ENACT Multiplier event


In autumn 2015, the first set of ENACT "Multiplier" events will be organised in all the countries involved in the project - Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

The multiplier events on “ENACT: SCENARIOS, COMPETENCES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE ENERGY AUDITOR SECTOR” will represent an opportunity to illustrate and present to the main key players of the training and energy efficient sector the activities and results of the ENACT project. Further it aims to promote and facilitate the dialogue with and between all relevant stakeholders.

The agenda of the event will include a morning session with lectures from the sector experts on the Nationa and European scenario of ENACT and on the economical, technological and informative barriers related to the energy efficiency of buildings.

The results of ENACT will also be illustrated at the event, in particula the training and the competences of the new professional figure proposed "ENACT Energy Auditor", in particular a detailed description of the professional figure, the compulsory training, the training schemes, the normative frame and other issues will be illustrated.

A round table to discuss the results with the main sectors actors will be included in the agenda.

The event will be free and open to all interested people. In September the agenda and the registration modules will be published.