Second Multiplier Event in Poland

2 evento polonia

The second multiplayer event in Poland took place on Tuesday, 19th of April 2016 in Warsaw. The meeting was organized by Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG) and Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE).

The aim of the meeting was to present and debate on ENACT energy auditor profile and training programme - result of ENACT project. Several technical aspects regarding the energy efficiency in building was presented by the experts from KAPE as an additional substantive value.

Participants could listen to interesting lecture describing new norm 16247 which included differences between understanding of energy audit definition and new competences for energy auditor.

Expert on energy efficiency in building had a lecture about technical conditions to be fulfilled by

buildings in the perspective of 2021 and presented differences between energy audit scope

according to accessible financial programmes in Poland. Then participants could hear about correct procedure of conducting energy audit and some

interesting cases done by KAPE.

At the end phd Arkadiusz Weglarz gave presentation about different kinds of modern termo-insulation and ways of improving energy efficiency. Mr Węglarz was also the moderator of discussion which took place at the end of the meeting.

Discussants tried to answer on several questions, among others:

- Is there a need for energy advisor in case of energy-saving and passive buildings?

- Is there a place for ENACT Energy Auditor on polish market?

- Will certification of ENACT Energy Auditor help or complicate work?

The content was prepared to facilitate discussion on the professional figure of the ENACT energy auditor and the results of realized project activates.